A Place Based Learning Classroom

Place Based Learning is intended to connect learning to the surrounding environment and the local community. It promotes students to guide their own learning and imagination, by allowing them to decide how and what they learn. Having students gain local knowledge about their communities and the land that they are on, can engage them in various inquiries.

“This Place-Based Education approach can serve as a framework to connect learning models, increase the power of our educational system and serve as the foundation for a thriving democracy.” – Natalie McClennen, Place Based Education: Communities as Learning Environment.




What is Placed Based Education and Why Does it Matter? By Get Smart. http://www.gettingsmart.com/2017/02/what-is-place-based-education/


3 thoughts on “A Place Based Learning Classroom

  1. I think that connecting students with nature can lead them to becoming stewards of the environment in the future. And the time for free play outside can be so important to their development, allowing them to take risks, cooperate, take turns, problem solve, etc. I like how you spoke about how it promotes students using their imagination. A stick could be so many things to a child (a sword, a cane, a leash, etc.) where as a toy car is only a car to them.


  2. So clear and simplistic! Great work Lisa. The idea of place based learning is so important for students to grasp greater knowledge of the area they live in! Especially here on the island, where we are surrounded by so much potential for imagination!

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  3. What a great topic!

    This approach can provide so many different opportunities for students, and isn’t something that is going to cost you anything! Looking forward to exploring your site some more!

    Thank you for sharing! 🙂


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