Benefits of Place Based Learning

Watching the Youtube video “Place-Based Learning: Using Your Location as a Classroom” by Edutopia, the video explains multiple benefits to this learning approach.
  • Students get engaged and excited to learn in the outdoors
  • It connects students to the real world
  • Serves as a tool. Whether it is in the city, near a river or by a forest.
  • Shows seasonal changes. (animals, plants, weather)
  • Students don’t recognize how much they are learning
  • Is cross curricular and can be easily integrated with First Nations culture.
  • Shows kids the impact that they can make
Get Smart provides the diagram of all the ways that Place-Based Education can impact learning:
Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 4.20.24 PM.pngWhat is Placed Based Education and Why Does it Matter? By Get Smart.

One thought on “Benefits of Place Based Learning

  1. This is a great graphic to represent Place-Based Learning. And it certainly shows the extensive positives of such an approach! What do you think of a possibility of entirely moving our classes outside of restrictive classroom walls?


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